downloadYou are lucky to live in a digital age. Thanks to technology and the Internet, it is easier for you to do a lot of things: buy and sell various goods and services, research information, connect with people, and even remain in touch with your friends and loved ones. However, just because you’re enjoying all these conveniences now doesn’t mean that you should give up on the things that still work for you.

Print marketing materials are some of the things that cannot be discounted. In this modern and fast-paced world, seemingly “simple” items like business cards, bookmarks, postcards, and posters can sometimes have as much or even greater recall value than a sophisticated website. When you think about it, it is certainly a lot easier to store and remember the details of a business card than it is to keep track of the regular developments on a site.


The corporate world has awakened to the importance of printed and Internet marketing tools in brand building, promotion and profitable sales. To this end, most businesses strive to get myriad marketing materials such as logos, brochures, business cards and websites etc ready, much before the business is set to roll. Winning over clients has become virtually impossible without these marketing tools and therefore experienced brand building organizations are being hired by businesses despite budget constraints.

With ground-breaking promotional ideas and materials come the responsibility of ensuring consistency – of information, values and appearance. Watching out for consistency-related mishaps between printed marketing literature and website marketing materials has become increasingly important because this problem can severely affect a company’s credibility and reputation.

It is highly imperative that the values, identity and professional image you wish to display to customers be unswerving in both the printed promotional material and the content on the website. The printed marketing literature, such as pamphlets or business cards that you hand over to investors, clients and other third parties, should eventually lead them on to your website. Thus, make sure your printed promotional materials have your website address.  images

All the same, bear in mind that your website is not a duplication of your printed material. Customers and other interested parties will want to look up your website for additional information. Provide vital details that you think will get them to pay more attention to your products and services. Your online brochure is in fact a great platform to win new clients and keep existing clients hooked on your services. mentioned that it is very important that you ensure the look and feel of the website marketing platform and the printed literature is in harmony. Experiments with the logo, contradicting business goals, shifting corporate identity et al can result in dubious company repute and misconstrued targets. In fact, this could also be a reason for confusing members of your staff and hence account for unaccomplished objectives.

Building a website is not the end all of Internet marketing. An organization should make sure that every time there is a change in business goals, target markets, new ventures, introduction of exciting products and services, and other significant changes that call for new printed marketing literature, the amendments must reflect on the website also. Almost all the time, clients would immediately turn to the website after reading through printed material to garner detailed information. In such a situation, if your website or printed collateral wears an outdated, washed-out look; you are most likely to lose business.

print mediaPrint media, is indeed a flourishing business; it has been here for long and it is definitely going to stay for an even longer time. Printed medium refers to all that is printed on any kind of paper with the use of ink; the ink can be of a single colour, or many colours used in cognition with each other. Since the time of the printing press, printed medium has been making a steady growth, from newspapers; it has advanced to magazines, flyers, brochures and banners etc.

This clearly shows that the demand and utility of print media has grown with the passage of time and to cater for this demand, newer techniques and machineries are coming into play. There are many who argue that online marketing holds more advantages as compared to printed medium; the former being reasonably inexpensive and knows no time or distance boundaries. Where that might be true to an extent, there are numerous advantages according to Adelaidedigital that print media still has, they are as follows.

• The printed medium, which can be newspapers and/or magazines, have a very loyal readership. This means that there are millions of men and women who regularly read their newspapers and magazine subscriptions; the advertisers can use this to their advantage and to reach the target market.

• One of the biggest advantages perhaps of printed medium is its credibility. Because many of the advertising campaigns can be run online for absolutely no cost, a huge number of scams have also sprouted leading to the fact, that the user has hard time believing which one of them is authentic and credible. On the other hand, advertising on a large scale through printed medium can cost a good amount of money which probably the spammers are reluctant to spend on. Furthermore reputable newspapers and magazines don’t post their ad of something that is not authentic and has a significant market base.

• Printed medium is highly effective when targeting your marketing campaign towards a specific niche of people. For example, if you are promoting a brand of laptop or cell phone, an advertisement near the universities, colleges and eateries where young people usually hang out will generate a lot of revenue.

• Banners, flyers, brochures and even magazines remain in front of the eyes of the targeted market for a long time. For example, you pick a flyer from a shop that you are visiting; this flyer or brochure stays in your car or your desk and you are automatically reverted to it time and again, serving as an effective reminder. Therefore the various printing services are still very much in vogue.